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The Harley big twins weigh more than 700 pounds [318 kg], so they can be a handful for smaller or less experienced riders, but they are very comfortable and have excellent load carrying capacity.

Choosing a bike

We will assist you in choosing one of our Harley-Davidson models that fits your experience and ability. We don't always have access to all Harley models, so get your request in early. For two-up riding, we always recommend the Electra-Glide or Road-Glide as they have the most luggage capacity and are the most comfortable for two people.  

Harley Big Twins

Any motorcycle is more difficult to ride with a passenger, and we do not recommend you do this unless you are an experienced rider.

Harleys are big, heavy-weight motorcycles but are great touring bikes in the hands of an experienced rider. You may be surprised at how well they go, stop, and handle. However, if you haven't ridden a heavy-weight bike recently, you really owe it to yourself (and our other tour riders) to get some seat time on a Harley or something comparable before the tour date. Riding in a new environment (and maybe on the other side of the road) can be challenge enough.

If you haven't done so, we recommend that you complete a motorcycle safety course (offered for both novice and experienced riders) prior to your tour. To find a school in your area, contact the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at 800-446-9227 (U.S. national) or 800-227-4337 (California only).

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